Le Fay, Inc. represents the spirit and attitude to develop and apply solutions to the crucial environmental issue of Water as the most fundamental and sustaining element of life. Le Fay's innovative technology can help resolve the growing shortage of clean water in the world. Therefore, Le Fay is dedicated to be the forerunner in design, engineering and manufacturing of water treatment systems. Le Fay specializes in water conditioning technology, also knows as water softening, reverse osmosis technology that ranges anywhere from residential to industrial. Le Fay technology treats brackish water, use desalination techniques for seawater, and treat wastewater for commercial, industrial applications, and agricultural reuse. Here in this site you will have at your disposal a quick overview of our company. Make sure to visit our Wholesale and International sites as well for more information in those areas.

Why Lefay?

LeFay is a company with a big heart. The health of the general public is always a concern to us and the benefits received are immeasurable when using LeFay products. LeFay seeks technological innovation to provide individuals with advanced products that surpasses the rest. LeFay guarantees their customers quality and sustainability in all areas, which they truly deserve. LeFay’s technology has demonstrated the ability to improve and enrich the quality of water and provides solutions to individuals with water problems. Whether you are looking to join our team or to purchase a LeFay product, we will always offer you the comfort and trust only found in a family. Commitment, dedication, and extraordinary values will always remain part of our goals.


Le Fay’s professional service department is here to assist you with all of your needs. Taking care of your Le Fay system is an essential part in making sure it’s always on top of its game. In order to ensure your Le Fay system is always working properly and in top shape, Le Fay offers service maintenance routines to enable your product to be superbly productive. Le Fay offers maintenance appointments for customers seeking to increase the performance of their product or who simply wish to care for their Le Fay system.

Le Fay is proud to announce its service department as one of the best in the country. Le Fay carries NSF approved components, is a member of the Water Quality Association and the Better Business Bureau. If you have questions or are concerned about your water supply, contact your local Le Fay dealer to perform a water analysis and schedule a maintenance appointment.

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Made in the USA
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