Le Fay is the leader in alkaline water products. Alkaline water is revolutionizing the water industry. Research is pointing to alkalinity as an important factor in the healthful benefits of water. Work like that of Nobel prize winner Dr. Otto Warburg, which determined that cancer cannot thrive in an oxygen rich and alkaline environment. According to BeatCancer.org, “water is the most crucial factor in establishing and maintaining proper acid-alkaline balance” in the body. Le Fay, mastering the art and technology of water purification, produces outstanding
alkaline water products including reverse osmosis systems and water conditioners.

A true leader in the residential water treatment industry for over fifteen years, Le Fay produces exceptional high-quality products at affordable prices, while providing excellent customer service. Le Fay is one of the largest and most advanced manufacturing and distribution networks on the west coast. Originally, only catering to larger manufacturing and distributing corporations. We now also supply alkaline water purification systems to independent owners worldwide. Our products are used not only in residential settings, but also in commercial and
industrial arenas. Always keeping the customer in mind, we guarantee the lowest prices in the industry.

We do not confine our products to the United States. We have extended our knowledge and technology to become a worldwide business partner with world-renowned corporations, manufacturing our water technology products globally. Our alkaline water systems are manufactured according to proprietary specifications and high standards to ensure superior protection for individuals.

Family is priority to Le Fay. Our customers, as well as our employees, are like family. Commitment, dedication, and extraordinary values make Le Fay quite extraordinary. Le Fay demonstrates these qualities to our customers and employees by providing outstanding support in all areas. Being able to successfully host every client on an exclusive tier system, has been our goal for over 32 years. Achieving this dream has given us the opportunity to provide every single client of ours with the potential to flourish among their competitors.